April 22, 2007

Cyberactivism for Tasmania's Ancient forests

Destruction of Australia's ancient forests in Tasmania is occuring on an industrial scale at an unrelenting rate, and is sanctioned by the Tasmanian Government and certified internationally by PEFC as sustainable!

Tasmania's unsustainable forestry practices include:

poisoning wildlife - tens of thousands of animals die from 1080 poison yearly
mass conversion of forest to short rotation plantations
fire bombing forest with napalm, producing more than 30% of Tasmania's annual greenhouse gas emissions

PEFC is a global organisation that certifies forestry schemes and the products from them as environmentally sustainable. PEFC approves Tasmanian forest products as sustainable and endorses Australia's forestry practices, including those in Tasmania, where Gunns Ltd woodchips thousands of hectares of native forest every year.

Cyberactivist : noun a person using internet campaigning tools to bring about social or political change.

Take Action: Act now and ask the UK and German governments to withdraw their support of PEFC-approved unsustainable timber from Tasmania

follow this link to take part - every voice counts!https://www.wilderness.org.au/cyberactivist/cyberactions/07_04_pefc_cyberaction.php

April 17, 2007

New Handmade Market in Brisbane

The first little market at avid reader bookstore is on friday april 27 from 5.30-8pm. Feast on delightful handmade objects by local makers (just in time for mother's day!)

The little market at avid will be on the last friday of every month, from 5.30pm -8pm. all are welcome.
For more info... littlemarketatavid@gmail.com

The tree is taking form

The sculpture has transformed from polystyrene to aluminium and bronze. Here are some of the progress shots taken in April. Thankyou to Mary from UAP for supplying the images.

April 8, 2007

HAPPY easter!

This image was taken on North East Coast of Tasmania at sunset on Easter Sunday.

No Easter bunny was harmed in the making of this image. ;)