April 26, 2008

Patagonia: the search for adventure has been found...

My new location of inspiration.

I sit in an internet cafe in the town of El Calafate, just past the boarder of Chile into Argentina. My purse reinbursed with Argentinian Pesos and the Chilean Pesos neatly put to one side of my wallet for when i return to Santiago.

I've only been in Patagonia a week, and already I have my bus ticket in my hand for the next town north – El Chalten. It seems we have arrived just weeks past the tourist season so there are many tours closed down in the south, so north we head. Puerto Natales being a major highlight thus far – Torres Del Paine and the glaciers Monte Balmaceda and Serrano. It was an epic 3 days of constant amazment and adventure.

So much in the vegetation is familiar of Tasmania. However the winds here, stronger than anythinng i've had to walk against. At one stage you feel like you are pulling off some gravity free Michael Jackson moves as you fight against the arctic winds of the South.

Every angle in the distance is rich with snow capped mountains and autumn shades. I'm in my element of inspiration. This is what I have enjoyed the most. Despite hating the cold winds, this moist vegetation which thrives fungus and lush forests is my haven. One day, I'd like to return and do the hike – the 5-7 day 'w' formation hike that takes you further into Torres Del paine. For now, however, i'm settling for the glacial experience. 1 after another. Tomorrow i head to Puerta Morono – The highlight of Patagnia, Argentina.

This picture was taken from a farm we had lunch at on the day we went visiting the 2 Glaciers near Torres Del Paine. This image is the typical shot of a tree used on a lot of merchandising in Patagonia. Wind swept with so much force, the tree began to grow horizontally.