May 11, 2013

The 5 Year cycle of change

I have always believed that my life has followed 5 year cycles. Whether it is a conscious act of change at the end of the 5 years or a predetermined path that has been set for me, I have become very aware of it and have enjoyed the journey it has taken me on. By packing up and changing everything about my day-to-day, I have challenged myself to always keep learning, never to get too comfortable through employment, location, languages, people and lifestyle. Somehow, despite the hard times, it has just worked for me and I'm grateful for all I have learnt about life, people and especially myself.

My recent 5 year cycle has ended and has now caught up with me. Perhaps its the rain and gloom of the overcast Sunday that has led me to reflect. For 5 years, I have travelled 39 countries. Lived in 3 foreign cities. Worked 4 summers in Greece. Taken over 27 tours through the Greek Islands; 4 tours through mainland Greece; 4 Tours through Southern Spain; and 1 Epic Oktoberfest Festival. I have sat on over 200 ferry rides across the Aegean and enjoyed the experience of meeting well over 1000 travellers.

For now i have retired my backpack and transient lifestyle to do my best at living in 1 place. That place being the last city I lived in Australia - Launceston.

My own eyes

I stumbled on this song this morning.
Sitting in bed with my coffee and sniffles - flipping through youtube songs and this one left me thinking.

Imagine if we actually did share what we have seen on our journeys through life. Sit in a circle, one by one and share our stories. Stories we have experienced first hand that have affected us (good or bad) and want to share.
Stories that mean something and leave you feeling grateful for everything you have and everything you are.