February 18, 2013

Identifying Tassie Shells

Recently, I have been researching Tasmanian shells for a site specific sculpture.
I have stumbled on this FANTASTIC site which helps identify shells from beach combing expeditions.


Another good site is

Happy Beach Combing!

February 11, 2013

Port Sorell Site Visit

Yesterday I went north to Port Sorell - the location of my current public art commission.

I walked as far north to Hawley Beach and as south as Squeaking Point.

A perfect day for Beach Combing...
shoes optional!

February 9, 2013

Hero Craftsmen

During my 7 years teaching at the Toowoomba McGregor Summer School, I have had the pleasure of meeting manyartists and crafts people.

2 in particular have always left me speechless when listening to their artist talks: Geoff Hannah and Laurens Otto.

Geoff completed his last major cabinet titled 'THE HANNAH CABINET' in honour of his family. His story, when you hear it, brings tears to the eyes. This article and video of him talking about his work is nothing short of awe inspiring!
$1.4m timber cabinet brings tears to the eyes - ABC North Coast NSW - Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Laurens specialises in carving and his work is exceptional. Unfortunately i haven't been able to find much via the Internet of his work - however TAFTA provides a brief blurb about both artisans.