August 31, 2007

What does contemporary jewellery mean anyway?

Benjamin Lignel from Bethel, Metalsmith Magazine, attempts to answer this question...

an excerpt from the article:
'Contemporary Jewellery is a type of practice - understood as the contemporary offspring of a craft-based design activity that finds its origin in medieval workshops. Such a definition stresses contemporary jewellery’s historical past, and finds antecedents in the British and American Arts & Crafts movements, the renewed late XIXth century interest in manual skills (as a last stand against industrialisation), and the emergence of radical jewellery movements in the 60s: it underlines the notions of individuality, craftsmanship, and its troubled relationship to the production mainstream; or a type of object: poised between high-street jewellery and art (the former’s glorified other, the latter’s poor relative), we know what it’s not (‘just’ manufactured artefacts for wearing), and what it wants to be (the expression of individual talent that reflects on, and sometimes influences, contemporary culture), much less what it is.'

image credits:Benjamin Lignel
Ring: Happy family NHS 2002
Rubber, gauze, ink
Set of two adhesive rings, edition of 300
Photograph by Joel Degen (London)

August 20, 2007

STUDIO SALE - success!

The sale was a success! Everyone involved benefited by the mass crowds that gathered at the Powerhouse on wednesday.

Thankyou to everyone who helped out and was involved - especially Tim Walker from the powerhouse gallery and Louise thrush for assisting with me on the night.

Artists included: Marisa Molin, Fernando DoCampo, Joleen Jenkin, Tim Chatwin, Lucy Cameron,Sonja Brough, Mairi Ward, and Evan Thien.

August 7, 2007

STUDIO SALE - everything must go!

Don't miss your opportunity to buy local handmade arts and crafts at studio prices.
@ Powerhouse above blue cafe, inveresk, Launceston.
Cash sales only.

Everyone is invited!!!