September 17, 2007

Oh no!!!

Gunns Ltd is ready to start construction on its proposed pulp mill in a matter of weeks. The Wildnerness society's challenge to the fast-tracked federal government assessment process of Gunns Ltd's proposed pulp mill has been rejected in the Federal Court.

What does this mean?
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Logging and land clearing release massive amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and destroy precious carbon banks that have been accumulating over centuries.

If Gunns have their way, they will build this polluting pulp mill, burn our native forests and ancient ecosystems for power generation AND continue export woodchipping.

Some consequences are irreversible, such as the extinction of our struggling wildlife. For example, scientists predict a 97% risk of extinction for the endangered Tasmanian Wedge-tailed Eagle in North East Tasmania.

The pulp mill alone would contribute more than 110 million tonnes of carbon pollution to our atmosphere every 25 years - that's equivalent to all transport on Tasmania's roads for the next 80 years!

If this pulp mill goes ahead, generations to come will be dealing with the opportunity we lost - they will be the ones to face the forest destruction, the impact on climate change, the massive air and water pollution, and be condemned to the task of repairing the damage of a poor decision made today.

If you feel the sense of loss that will occur if this mill goes ahead, please make a donation to help stop Gunns Ltd's outrageous pulp mill, and to protect our forests, wildlife and climate for today and for future generations. I have spent many months living in the Tamar, hence my passion for this cause. My friend's home 'Toad Hall' is based along the river and was one of the most special times i had spent in Tasmania over the past 3 years. To think a smelly, polluting mill may affect the tranquility of that area - well, it simply is a depressing thought!

If you are interested to learn more, please visit and help! This is a travesty for locals to the Tamar and Launceston.

September 12, 2007

Marisa's online shop.

It is finally here - my online shop.

I have just finished uploading my greeting cards series. I'll be updating the jewellery soon, i promise! (keep in mind the prices are in $US)

Happy Shopping!

Yellow monday

I have just discovered a wonderfully talented like minded Illustrator from Sydney who works under the name Yellow Monday.

Linda Kruger works in ink, pencil and digital prints. Her blog is definately worth a visit.