June 3, 2008

Craft Revolution

Curated by the talented Cate Brown, below is an introduction to a new exhibition opening in June 2008 entitled CRAFT REVOLUTION.
My SYMBIOSIS work will be featured at the exhibition.

Craft Revolution

5 June to 13 July 2008

Craft Revolution explores the idea that craft is radical and revolutionary.

Rejecting the dominant culture of consumption and the loss of community, craft is a means of creation and engagement that is slow, purposeful and often cooperative. It is this rejection of the dominant consumptive culture and the return to historic or traditional practices that makes craft revolutionary.

Craft Revolution is a celebration of craft in all its naïve and sophisticated forms. The exhibition intends to reclaim the word craft and reject the negative associations this term has acquired. Essentially, Craft Revolution recognises the importance of a practice that has been a part of all cultures for thousands of years and rejoices in the impact craft has had and continues to have on the world.

Curated by Cate Brown, QUT Art Museum Intern
Presented by QUT Art Museum, Brisbane, Australia

Just a quick update on the latest with Craft Revolution, which opens at QUT Art Museum next week. Artists being featured in the exhibition are:

* Andrea Fisher
* Ann-Maree Hanna
* Clara Ngala Inkamala
* Elaine Kngwarria Namatjira
* Joanna Bone
* Judith Inkamala
* Marisa Molin
* Maribella Ngallametta
* Peace Woolla
* Rotanna Ngallametta
* Tallulah Filloy