March 31, 2009

A great day for our forests and freedom of speech

I have to share this and to save time, i'm just going to take this extract directly from the Wilderness Society Website...

$3.5 million damages claim turns into $350,000 payment to The Wilderness Society (WOOHOOOOOOO!)

The tables have turned on woodchip company Gunns Ltd and its four-year long legal action in the Victorian Supreme Court against The Wilderness Society is over. Its claims for $3.5 million in damages have turned into a $350,000 payment to The Wilderness Society.
In a settlement finalised on 16 March, 2009, Gunns will pay The Wilderness Society $350,000 in costs and discontinue its legal action against The Wilderness Society and individuals either currently or formally with The Wilderness Society – Alec Marr, Leanne Minshull and Heidi Douglas.

"This is a significant win for free speech in Australia. The fact that Gunns now has to pay money to The Wilderness Society after claiming for the past four years that The Wilderness Society owed it $3.5 million demonstrates that the legal action was an empty case from the beginning," former defendant and The Wilderness Society's Executive Director Alec Marr said.

March 29, 2009

Ruby Pear

New gallery to be launched in Launceston
Ruby Pear
Initiated by Rachael Hilliard, Ruby Pear will be open from April showcasing many Tasmanian talents.
Launch date: 4th April 2009
Opening Hours Wed-Sun 9-30-7.00
45 Brisbane Street, Launceston, Tasmania.

Ruby Pear will be showcasing some of my 'melting point' series.

New Gallery in London...

Heafford and Hall

Heafford + Hall is an art and design studio with an exhibition space set up in 2008 to offer tailor-made contemporary art and design solutions to corporate and private clients.

Located off Clapham High Street, the studio is open by appointment 10am-6pm Monday to Friday.
Works represented through the gallery will be my 2D artworks. These include some ink sketches of trees and graphic images from my greeting cards. Visit my journal page to see those images.

Workshop in London
I will be conducting a 1 day workshop in May 2009 – ‘How to make a ring in a day’
To book, please contact Heafford and Hall.
Be quick, only 10 places available.