January 28, 2014

A girl who travels...

Today 2 posts came up on facebook. Each, a condradiction of the other.

The first blog appeared on an ex-passenger's facebook page ' Don't date a girl who travels' . The second, i stumbled upon as a suggestion from having read the first - 'Date a girl who travels' .

Both give justifications of the incredible life lessons you learn when you travel. Regardless of both articles referring to 'a girl', i believe anyone who continues to travel, search, question and understand their life and reflect their relevance in big bubble of the world is something to respect and admire. The first blog though makes out that a traveller can't hold a job or have stability when in fact a true traveller is a survivor who works when they need, is serious when it is required but can stop and smell the roses even on the most stressful or mundane of days. It is a personality trait that shouldn't get brushed off as a daydreamer.

There is nothing scary about a traveller. He/She is probably watching their pennies, holding onto friendships and trying to appreciate the people, places, and experiences that they engage with everyday to make their life rich. A wealth that a financial security just can't compete with.

Buy a traveller a coffee and ask what they have been up to - i guarantee it hasn't been spent at a shopping mall or simply daydreaming. Something is for sure though, they wouldn't care if travelling made you question their worth for dating. He/She is too busy living life to care!!!