February 2, 2014

Sugar Man

Two of my favourite questions to ask travellers and friends are...

'what are you listening to?' 
'what have you watched recently?'

The most recent 'hot tip' was to watch Searching for Sugar Man (2012). A documentary that is perhaps a few years old to be considered a hot tip. None the less, I finally found a copy and was left inspired. A story of Sixto Rodriguez, a singer who posessed a raw talent that was not appreciated in his home country but his music found its own voice in the height of apartheid in South Africa. An honest protest in his lyrics of standing up against a government that don't reflect the voice of the people they should be representing.

Thought to be dead from a dramatic rock star suicide - nobody thought much to find him or understand the real story. Until this documentary.

Sugar Man is a song i've heard. I don't know when i first heard it but that 70's echo of folk storytelling is there and this is a genre I enjoy for its honesty.

Despite his later found fame, Rodriguez remained honest and true to the messages behind his music. If there was ever an album to go out and buy (ensuring that his present day royalties actually find their way to his pockets) this would be it!